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If you want to take the first step into the cryptocurrency world and get some free virtual currencies, this guide is for you. Xfaucets introduced in this guide is a faucet website that can claim 10 different virtual currencies, which can fully meet your needs.
We will also answer the most common question: is it really possible to quickly obtain or earn free bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, bitcoin cash, or any of the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies or spare currencies available?
In short, yes, it is possible. There are many ways to earn free cryptocurrency, including faucets, lotteries, and games. This guide introduces one of the profitable faucet websites – Xfaucets

Is Xfaucets SCAM or LEGIT?

At present, this website is legal. There is no risk except losing a few minutes every day. You don’t have to invest in any way. This is a good choice to earn cryptocurrency. If you decide to apply for BTC every day, if you apply every 10 minutes, you can earn free virtual currency every day, remember that this is an approximation, because the payment is not always the same, you can earn more
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🙂 By the way, if you have any experience using claim-free cryptocurrency points, please share your experience in the comments below, which can help many new users. Thank you very much!

How to use Xfacuts to earn free cryptocurrency?

Claim the Free Cryptocurrency every 10 minutes

Is it worth claiming?

👍 Advantage:

Reimbursement every 10 minutes
Instant withdrawal to icoinpay
Contains 10 different cryptocurrency

👎 Disadvantages:

You can only withdraw to icoinpay

How to sign up on Xfaucets?

Sign up on Icoinpay (Note: one Icoinpay User-Id can only claim on one Xfaucets account)

You need your User-Id from icoinpay.com to claim on Xfaucets so you had better sign up on Icoinpay first! It’s very simple to sign up, you just need email and password to finish it!

Then you will receive a verification email to complete your registration.

There are 10 kinds of cryptocurrency on icoinpay. And you can get your user ID easily.

Sign up on Xfaucets

After you sign up on icoinpay successfully, you can start to sign up on Xfaucets.

You just need to check your email to finish registration.

Then you can copy your User-Id to claim cryptocurrency you can claim every 10 mins.

How to claim free Cryptocurrency?

First of all, you just need to find the Free BNB (for example) faucet to type your User-Id and click the CLAIM NOW button.

Then you could click the CLAIM button.

Now you can finish the captcha check and claim.

Congratuations! You have successfully claim 106 satoshi Binance Coin!

You can withdraw to you Icoinpay Wallet and the withdrawal minimum is 0.00000001.

Referral Rewards

You can Earn 25%+10% Referrals from Xfaucets, which is more profitable than other faucets platforms.
There are Two-level friend contribution rewards! Every time your developed friends withdraw rewards, the platform will give you additional rewards according to a certain percentage.
Level 1 – Direct Referrals: 25% each time your level 1 users claim earnings
Level 2 – Invited by your friends:10% each time level 2 users Claim earnings

About Withdraw

The withdrawal minimum of 0.00000001, and you can select your wallet address to make a withdrawal. There are minimum withdrawal amount and withdraw fee on Icoinpay.
Usually, users need to register on the password Faucet by entering their details and wallet address. After completing a task on the website, the reward will be allocated to a micro Wallet – a wallet similar to a traditional wallet, but capable of collecting a small amount of cryptocurrency assets. For most cryptocurrency faucets, the micro wallet is created automatically at the time of registration.
Once these micro wallets are filled, the rewards are automatically sent to the user’s main wallet.


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