MVU Cloud Mining Review – Try Special Offer to earn $165 (14-day)

In recent days, we found that the price of ETH is rising. Maybe we are eager to invest in eth, but we are worried that the price of eth will fluctuate again, which will lead to certain risks. Don’t worry. Now I recommend a super-secure platform, MVU cloud mining. Why? Because I found a $99 package with a time limit of only 14 days, you can refer to my calculation process below to get the income you will get in 14 days.


About the MVU Cloud Mining Contract Income

In 14 days, you can get about 0.04781 eth with 200MH/s hashrate from MVU Cloud Mining. Eth now costs about $3425, so the return on the program is about $164. If you invest $99 in a 14-day new user plan for 200 hours per second, that $99 generates about $164 in 14 days. In addition to the package fee and the service charge of the third-party payment platform, you can earn about $65!

What is cloud mining?

Unlike legal tender printed on paper or in the form of coins, digital currencies such as cryptocurrency are generated by solving mathematical problems and approving transactions. It can only be made if you have a special set of powerful computer equipment.
Cloud mining is the process of renting CPU power from remote data center running special mining hardware and using it for mining. Cloud mining is also called hash mining because people pay “hash power” in gigahertz per second (GH / s). When several miners generate a transaction block to get altcoins as a reward, the hash power plays a very important role, because only the first miner will win the prize. At the same time, the service charge of the contract also depends on the amount of hash energy ordered – the higher the price of the cloud mining contract.

Classification of cloud mining

In fact, cloud mining can be divided into three categories:

Managed mining

It’s a process when a person uses a machine rented by a cloud mining provider and uses the device to mine coins.

Virtual hosting mining

This is a process when a person uses his own virtual private server to install special software.

Using Hashrate to lease

Renting hash capability is the process of renting part of the hash capability used by the company (no physical or virtual devices are required). MVU cloud mining takes advantage of the third way. You can enjoy passive benefits as long as you buy the contract of their platform. Of course, the income you get depends on the price of eth or BTC.

Advantages of cloud mining

Why do many new and experienced miners avoid buying expensive equipment and using cloud mining platform services? The reason is that cloud mining has multiple advantages compared with hardware mining.

The cost of maintenance is relatively low, even not necessary

Electricity is much cheaper because you only use electricity to power your computer. No need to connect servers and other devices to power. In addition, the best cloud mining companies have their data centers in countries where electricity costs are low, so you don’t have to pay too much.

No hardware required

When you buy hardware, you have to have special skills to install and use it. In addition, this hardware is dedicated, so it may take some time to acquire and deliver. With cloud mining, it only takes a few minutes to start mining.

Possibility of trying different hash rates

The hardware purchased limits your hash rate and its possible fluctuation. When you use cloud mining services, you can choose between multiple accounts with different hashrates to get the most profitable solution.
Maintenance, ventilation and physical space are your obligations
Hardware mining needs all of these factors to run successfully.

Daily expenses

Most cloud mining companies have to pay for the coins or their prices every day.
If the price of bitcoin falls sharply, there is no possibility to withdraw from mining.
If the BTC value will decrease significantly, you don’t have to think about how to deal with expensive equipment.



If you want to know how to sign up and how to withdraw on MVU Cloud Mining, You can Read the following passage, which can help you earn passive money at home!

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