Micropayment Wallet – Highly Secured Cryptocurrency Wallet

For those new to cryptography wallets are like bank accounts. There are a lot of encrypted wallets out there. Some allow you to store passwords on hardware, some software, and many online exchanges. Hardware and software are generally considered more secure because they only allow your own “private key” to access your cryptocurrency. However, there are also trustworthy exchanges that many people use as wallets to store passwords. These exchanges offer many concessions. Here are some of my favorite exchange wallets:

What is a Cryptocurrency Micropayment Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to store and consume your cryptocurrency. At present, there are many digital wallets to choose from. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start. What is the safest? The following information will help you choose the best digital wallet or the best cryptocurrency wallet.



Icoinpay is a relatively new digital wallet, but it supports multiple cryptocurrency currencies. You can find ten cryptocurrency currencies in icoinpay, which has more choices than other digital wallets. The Platform Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, DigiByte and Tron. More coming soon. You can choose from its immense list of 200+ faucets to claim from. Icoinpay has a faucet list for each currency Icoinpay support. Icoinpay are committed to providing a trusted and easy-to-use platform for all faucet users to access and use more kinds of cryptocurrencies.
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Coinomi Digital Wallet


Coinomi is a solid starting point for anyone who wants to store cryptocurrency in a digital wallet. This cryptocurrency wallet allows you to store a variety of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Most notably, coinomi makes it very easy to store and consume bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 100 other forms of passwords. Although some of its code is said to be open source, it is a relatively secure platform. It completes transactions quickly and supports cross chain payment, so you can easily send various types of encryption directly to bitcoin addresses.
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Copay Cryptocurrency Wallet


Copay is a relatively new digital wallet, made by the manufacturer of bitcoin payment. Copay itself is one of the most famous bitcoin wallets.
Based on the success of bitpay, this is one of the best digital wallets. It gives consumers complete control over their cryptocurrency. In particular, it includes some new security features so that you can store passwords with complete peace of mind. Besides, it’s quite easy to learn how to use a wallet. As a web-based digital wallet accessible from desktop and mobile devices, copay offers you a lot of flexibility.
Not surprisingly, copay only supports bitcoin and bitcoin cash. So if you’re using a wider range of cryptocurrencies, you need to look elsewhere. If you are a bitcoin user, you may like to use this digital wallet, especially because it has a more reliable name to support the bitcoin world.
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Coinpayments has a series of security features and has been accepted by hundreds of suppliers. It provides consumers with a particularly friendly digital wallet.
Coinpayments is a network-based cryptocurrency wallet. Like other wallets on this list, anything on the Internet is vulnerable to hackers. Fortunately, coinpayments has implemented many robust security features. It includes bitgo integration to provide customers with fast and secure transaction execution mode, as well as powerful vault function.
For many users, the most exciting aspect of coinpayments is that it can handle tons of different coins and tokens. Many retailers and sellers accept this kind of wallet. This opens the door to fast and simple encryption based transactions.
Whether you are just entering the field of encryption, or have rich experience in many different types of cryptocurrency, coinage is a good choice.
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Edge Wallet


The manufacturer of edge wallet initially launched a bitcoin only cryptocurrency wallet in 2014. Now, they have revolutionized their services to bring you new and improved edge wallets.
Edge is a multi currency platform focused on security and ease of use. When you use this wallet, the first thing you will notice is its user interface. Designed to be intuitive and attractive, this digital wallet is incredibly easy to learn, navigate and use. And because it accepts many different currencies, it can be accessed by a particularly wide range of encrypted users.
In addition, when it comes to security, edge has provided protection for you. It uses industry standard authentication protocols and provides important security for all your passwords and keys.
In the end, edge wallet is ideal for small accounts. In fact, that’s exactly what purse manufacturers are suggesting. More serious investors or traders may want something more powerful, but edge is one of the best digital wallets for most casual, everyday encrypted users.
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Faucetpay is very popular and is called cryptocurrency micro wallet. You can use it to receive cryptocurrency payments instantly from thousands of websites. You can extract it into your personal wallet, such as coinbase, blockchain, etc., with very low cost and instant payment. Faucetpay users can use tap payment to receive cryptocurrency instantly. Almost millions of users use it to receive their payments. Tap payment cuts very low fees for you to extract cryptocurrency into your personal wallet. You have to wait a few hours before they pay for your cryptocurrency.
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If you are looking for a digital wallet, eidoo is a good choice. Eidoo is already an impressive platform and is ready to make some changes to make it a better digital wallet in the near future.
For beginners, eidoo allows you to store a large number of different tokens and coins. It is particularly well-known and popular among consumers who use Ethereum tokens. But even if your main password is something else, eidoo will most likely be compatible because it accepts a wide range of coins and tokens.
When eidoo was first launched in 2017, it could only be used on Android and IOS mobile devices. But earlier this year, the wallet was extended to desktops. Wallets will continue to expand in the near future. Next, the company said it would launch new features to facilitate transactions between tokens at the lowest cost.
All in all, eidoo is definitely one of the best digital wallets. Whether you use bitcoin, Ethereum or other encryption technologies, and whether you like to use mobile devices or desktop devices, eidoo provides services for you.
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If you’re looking for a digital wallet without fancy, work horse, gatehub may be a good place to start. It is undoubtedly one of the best digital wallets you can find.
This wallet allows you to store bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum classics, divination, and others. Obviously, if you use other coins or tokens a lot, you need to look elsewhere. But if these cryptocurrencies can meet your needs, gatehub may be your wallet.
Gatehub doesn’t have all the features and functions of some advanced wallets, but it does. First, it uses industry standard security protocols. In particular, all your passwords are encrypted to the extent that gatehub cannot access your key or password.
In addition, many users have positive comments on the built-in exchange platform of the wallet. Finally, it also provides some basic analysis tools, which can definitely be used.
Currently, gatehub is limited to the web, which makes it less mobile and flexible than some of the best digital wallets in the list.
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Bitcoin Core


For many bitcoin users, the core of bitcoin is the ultimate digital wallet.
It’s a super strong purse. In many ways, it’s best for more serious bitcoin customers. For less hardcore encryption users, the core of bitcoin may become almost lethal.
Bitcoin core is famous for its powerful security protocol. It anonymizes everything that happens, which means that all your transactions and personal information, including your IP address, will always be protected. In addition, the strict security features of the platform make it difficult for you to be cheated or defrauded in the transaction.
The advantages of bitcoin core are also its potential disadvantages. In particular, it takes up a lot of bandwidth. In order to perform all of its anonymity and security functions, your device must always be connected to the Internet.
Bottom line: this bitcoin wallet is a power station, and it’s one of the best digital wallets on the market. But it also means that it needs power station level bandwidth.
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Coinbase is one of the largest and most famous digital wallets in the world.
This network-based digital wallet provides users with a safe and reliable way to store, trade and consume cryptocurrency. Coinbase is one of the most commonly used platforms, known for its user friendliness.
To make things better, coinbase is regularly updated and expanded. Recently, the company announced new updates that will allow immediate deposits, faster purchases, and higher daily limits.
At present, the main currencies supported by coinbase are bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash. If you want a user-friendly, widely recognized, reliable digital wallet, check out coinbase. In short, it’s one of the best digital wallets.
It may not have all the functions of other wallets, but it’s designed for the vast majority of password users.
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Jaxx is an accessible, easy-to-use and flexible digital wallet, which provides users with a lot of choices.
Wallet stores and protects all digital assets. Not surprisingly, this also includes a range of cryptocurrencies.
Known for its strong security, even Jaxx will never see your information. With this wallet, your information will be saved directly to your personal device.
This wallet is very convenient to use. Because it accepts a wide range of coins, tokens and currencies, almost any encrypted user will benefit from using the wallet. If you are a more serious encryption user, you can always pay the premium brought by the upgrade. Even if you don’t go this way, Jaxx is mature enough to provide you with the security and ease of use you need.
When it comes to mobile platforms, Jaxx is one of the best digital wallets. Given its experience in storing and protecting various digital assets, it knows exactly what encrypted users need and want from digital wallets.
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Exodus Cryptocurrency Wallet


Exodus cryptocurrency wallet has been a huge bright spot since it appeared on the stage of cryptocurrency wallet in 2016.
The biggest and most well-known aspect of Exodus cryptocurrency wallet is its design. This digital wallet is one of the most attractive, beautiful and user-friendly cryptocurrency wallets.
Digital wallet design features a large number of visual aids, including charts, charts and a large number of personalized functions. Exodus wallets are widely used. Its user interface can be quickly obtained by experienced encrypted users. At the same time, it also provides some functions to help people understand the new world of passwords and digital wallets. The new user tutorial and general intuitive design will have novice encrypted clients performing transactions like a professional at any time. Although this wallet is a very prominent product in the field of design and user experience, it also has some potential disadvantages. First, it’s just a desktop wallet at the moment. Second, it does not use two factor authentication. With all this in mind, Exodus cryptocurrency wallet is still at the top of our list of best digital wallets. In particular, it supports dozens of currencies and makes itself a super usable novice and veteran alike.
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Altcoin.io is an interesting addition to this list of best digital wallets. That’s because technically it’s still under development. But if programmers achieve their vision, it’s expected to be a good digital wallet.
Altcoin.io is striving to become one of the best platforms for the exchange and exchange of various coins and tokens. For example, the platform completed the first atomic exchange from Ethereum to bitcoin earlier this year. When the wallet is fully completed and put into use, we hope it can provide a very fast, simple and affordable exchange.
Again, this digital wallet should be very secure. This is mainly because it is a decentralized encryption exchange. Your coin will not be held by a middleman, and your coin will never leave your control. So even if something happens to the platform itself, you will always know what your currency is about.
Finally, altcoin.io is designed to be compatible with a variety of currencies, tokens and coins. This will make it more accessible and user-friendly.
Obviously, the only drawback is that the platform has not been developed yet. But we suggest you pay attention. There seems to be progress in this purse. Once it’s fully functional, it may be worth studying.
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Blockchain Wallet


If you only use bitcoin or Ethereum, blockchain wallet may be a good choice, with enough security features to allow you to store encryption safely.
Right now, blockchain wallets have a relatively user-friendly interface. It’s easy to understand, which means you can start using the digital wallet quickly without spending too much time on the platform.
In addition, blockchain wallet provides good security. In particular, the program automatically generates a new address after each transaction. It gives you extra security and privacy.

To sum up, blockchain wallet is a network-based digital wallet. For some users, this is not good news, because everything on the Internet may be more vulnerable to hackers or other hazards. But for most users, the built-in security features of this wallet should be enough.
All in all, it’s an excellent, easy-to-use digital wallet. Of course, it works only for customers who use bitcoin and Ethereum.
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