How to Earn Huge Profits with Cryptocurrencies in 2021

When you’re looking for the best way to make money online, cryptocurrency may not touch your heart at all. However, you might as well take a look at several ways of making money with cryptocurrency that I will introduce below. Maybe you will be interested.

Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing digital assets. Backed by blockchain and supporting transactions, it effectively provides a variety of means for anyone who wants to earn rich income online. There are many ways to make money with cryptocurrency, some of which don’t even require you to invest anything, but your time and effort. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the best ways to make money, or even get rich, cryptocurrency.


Piling is the process of investing or locking your money in cryptocurrency and earning new cryptocurrency in the form of interest. In addition, when you choose to hold coins for a specific period of time, you can also get the benefit of price appreciation.
There are lots of proof bets in cryptocurrency that will allow you to make a good income with bets. The best choices include wise, pivx, tezos, dash, NAV coin, etc.
Wise, for example, is an erc-20 token that allows you to earn substantial interest income by locking in funds in wise contracts. With wise, you can earn up to 5% annual interest on your shares, in addition to regular bonus offers. Smart bets are safe, low-risk and highly flexible because you can withdraw your interest or liquidate your shares at any time.


Cryptocurrency faucet

Cryptocurrency faucets are not so popular, but they are a very viable means of income generation. Bitcoin leaders are the most popular. They are basically a reward system, which runs as a website or application and provides rewards to qualified users in the form of Satoshi. Satoshi is one millionth of BTC; Reward for completing a task (such as capturing) or applying for or any other task that the website may require.
These tasks can also be fun activities, such as playing games, watching videos, and watching certain advertisements. Every task you complete will earn you a fraction of bitcoin. You may need to do quite a lot of work to get any tangible income from cryptocurrency.
At present, xfaucets has ten kinds of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Eth and Doge. If you are interested in other cryptocurrencies, you can also collect them synchronously, because it can be obtained every ten minutes. In addition, xfaucets has two levels of invitation rewards. The first level receives 25% of the rewards from the users who register and click on your invitation link, and the second level receives 10% of the rewards from the friends you invite and then invite them. This is different from other platforms and more profitable. If you are interested, you can click my invitation link to view it.

BitMiner is a large-scale blockchain mine in the world. It has a power supply capacity of 900MW and can be used to power up 600,000 miners at the same time. It is currently the largest mine company in the world.

Faucet.Asia is a special faucet station that provides dogecoin. If you are only interested in dogecoin, you might as well try this website, You can get 0.001 Doge in 30 minutes. Of course, also has a recommendation reward. You can get 25% of the recommendation reward by inviting your friends to register through your invitation link. If you want to get a lot of free dogecoin from the faucet and add some fun, faucet. Asia is definitely worth a try.

This Dogecoin Faucet requires a FaucetPay Account to claim.
Claim 125000 dogetoshi every 5 minutes
Earn 50% referral commission
Bonus coin/token
Participating in bonus/airdrop offers is another great way to make money with cryptocurrency, and you don’t even need to invest in anything. To earn some free / bonus money, all you have to do is join the cryptocurrency airdrop or bounty program and perform some simple tasks.

In addition, you can earn bonus tokens by investing in cryptocurrency during the ICO or token sales phase, as new projects usually offer bonus tokens to early investors.


Hodgling is a process. In this process, you can buy some powerful cryptocurrencies with good concepts and good use cases, and then hold them for quite a long time, hoping that their prices will rise sharply. Once the price of coins is high enough, you can make a good profit and you can sell them in the market. However, nonsense does not earn any interest for your fund.
Bitcoin, ETH, BNB and other cryptocurrencies are conducive to long-term investment and fraud.


Crypto trading is like stock trading, buying and selling tokens / coins for profit. There are many exchanges where you can buy the cryptocurrency of your choice. Then you can hold it for a while, or sell it immediately once the price goes up.
For those who want to make enough money by selling and buying cryptocurrencies on the same day, there is also intraday trading. You buy a cryptocurrency, wait for the price to rise, and then sell it for a profit.


Of course, investment is the easiest way to make money with cryptocurrency. You can earn cryptocurrency in a variety of ways, including exchanges, ICO (initial coin issue) or direct investment/partnership.
Cryptocurrency investment can be rewarded not only by the price appreciation of the coins/tokens you buy but also by your share in the project. Depending on the type of cryptocurrency you invest in, you can access projects / products or pay with coins.



Referral Program

Crypto referral scheme is a very common and really good way to earn cryptocurrency. Most of the time, you don’t even need to invest in anything to recommend and earn a project. You just need to register on the website, get your unique recommended links, and start recommending and making money.
Wise and many other cryptocurrencies provide you with good profit recommendations. With wise, the recommender and referee will get 10% reward token for every successful bet.
Selling cryptocurrency
If you are a businessman and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ripple can be used in your area, you can trade your goods and services in the same way. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be easily traded and used worldwide without conversion to other currencies. Therefore, you can accept any one of the top coins to facilitate global trading. There are many bitcoin payment processors that allow you to integrate Cryptocurrency payment options in offline / online stores.


The function of cryptocurrency dividend is more or less similar to stock dividend. You invest in dividend cryptocurrency and receive fixed interest on your investment. You need to buy and hold cryptocurrency for the period you want to earn interest.
The highest dividend cryptocurrency you can invest in is BNB, NEXO, etc. Most of these coins don’t require you to bet for interest.

Work to earn cryptocurrency

With the popularity of cryptocurrency, more and more companies begin to use these digital currencies to pay employees’ wages. Cryptocurrency payment is secure, low cost and transparent. In addition, it’s simpler and more affordable to pay the salary of the remote / freelancer with bitcoin than to pay cash through other ways.
Whether you are a developer, writer or designer, you will find that many international companies are willing to pay for your work / services in cryptocurrency.

Develop your own cryptocurrency

Last but not least, you can make a profit by creating your own cryptocurrency. Yes, you can build your own cryptocurrency, which is not as scary as it sounds.
However, creating and starting cryptocurrency requires you to be an expert in blockchain. You must have basic knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Then you need to assess the possibilities and come up with the type of coin you want to build. You can also hire blockchain experts or teams to do the work.
Once your coin is developed, you can start selling it through ICO or an exchange. Of course, you need to do a lot of publicity at the beginning to let users know what your coins are and why they should invest.


Investing in cryptocurrency is the right choice for 2020 and beyond. It may feel risky at first, but in the long run, profits are much higher. The risk of cryptocurrency can be easily reduced by studying and diversifying the investment portfolio. These 10 ways of using cryptocurrency to make money have passed the test of time, and have been proved to be able to bring rich returns for crypto investors. If you are interested, please try.

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