Earn Free Ethereum (ETH) in 2021: 7 Easy Ways to Get Ethereum for Free

Many people associate Ethereum with bitcoin, and some people can use Ethereum, bitcoin and blockchain interchangeably. Vitalik butyrin, a Russian Canadian programmer and cryptocurrency researcher, came up with the idea of Ethereum in 2013 and eventually put it into use in 2015. The most simple and clear explanation of Ethereum can be divided into two parts – software and platform.
Now, the difference between Ethereum and other software platforms is that it is based on blockchain. Blockchain refers to the data records stored on the computer network. The three pillars of blockchain make it unique: dispersion, transparency and invariance. Encrypted users join the network for business and personal benefit.
In addition to personal and commercial use, there are other reasons why you should not only get free Ethereum, but also learn how to actively trade Ethereum, including:
You can work on smart contracts, which are highly secure and auditable
The advantage of short selling is that you can sell even in a downturn
The leverage margin of Ethereum transaction is very high, so you can also get high profits from the transaction.
Just like bitcoin, Ethereum has great potential. Maybe with all the scalability, in the end, everyone will see how viable Ethereum is.
Encrypted space is such that people can decide whether to invest in coins or not and make money from them. If you’re looking for a simple and legal way to get free Ethereum, you don’t need to take a big risk. Here’s our first choice.

1. Ethereum faucet

Ethereum faucet is a website or app where you can register a wallet address, solve the captcha, and get a reward. Free Ethereum IO is an example of a program where you can get a reasonable income in a few hours.
These websites take advantage of this opportunity to increase traffic and make more money. Ethereum faucets usually attract high traction, enabling them to advertise for larger companies. It’s also a medium for such companies, even Ethereum.
In short, they will also be rewarded for the work you do for them. Here are some examples of other popular Ethereum faucets:



100 gwei 10mins




https://www.free-ethereum.io/ 1241Wei



https://www.speedup-faucet.com/ 740-2940Wei 10mins


https://faucet.bittilo.com/ 733Wei 3mins



https://freebitcoin.win/earn-crypto 489Wei 240mins


https://queenfaucet.website/eth/ 1040Wei 3mins


https://allcoins.pw/ 197Wei 5mins


https://konstantinova.net/ethereum/ 734Wei 5mins



https://keran.co/EXP/ETH/ 735Wei 5mins



https://coin.mg/bonus/ethereum/ 917Wei 5mins



https://autofaucet.org/ 734Wei 5mins

Although the Ethereum faucet may not make you enough profit, it is a fair way to understand how the transaction works without risk.

How does the Ethereum faucet work?

First, please note that these sites are full of ads – scrolling, banner ads, and every possible type. Basically, the money you earn is used to view promotions, and in turn, they want you to like it, click on it and buy it. Good thing, you don’t have to.
When you complete the task and get free Ethereum, they will enter your micro wallet immediately. Ethereum Mini Wallet allows you to collect a small amount of coins before transferring to the main wallet.
When someone registers an account with the Ethereum platform, the micro wallet will be created automatically. They also have a threshold for holding coins, and when that limit is reached, the ether will be paid to the user’s main wallet.


The robot on the tap simplifies the process of making money
Because of the limited threshold, you can retrieve your coins at any time
The site offers Mini wallets to ensure free ether.


Long test
The amount of coins earned is negligible
What we gain more is the tap

2. Ethereum mining

In mining, Ethereum is the most important and profitable coin. Mining Ethereum appeared when the blockchain was launched in 2016. Today, there has been a major Renaissance in crypto mining, thanks in large part to Ethereum. So with the help of personal computers, wallets and software, you can exploit Ethereum for free.
Mining is a process performed by miners (blockchain participants), involving fact checking transactions in the network. The first miner to successfully complete the new block inspection will receive free coins.
The only problem is that the mining calculation is complex and huge, so it must be completed by computer. The machine hashes the numbers.
How does Ethereum mining work?
You can start mining Ethereum by downloading the appropriate software. Here are some good mining programs that you can use.
Then configure the software and connect it to the mining pool. Finally, check your settings again and start mining Ethereum.


You can play games while mining
Anyone can mine Ethereum. You just need the right cloud computing power.


Graphics cards and mining equipment are expensive
You can earn up to $3 a day
You will need mining, which deprives you of your only independence.
There is uncertainty about the value of the mining industry and whether it will continue to be profitable.
Availability around the world is also questionable.

3. Ethereum airdrop

Airdrop is a blockchain project that was created to issue free tokens. But why do blockchain projects give away free cryptocurrency? It seems to create a loyal community by rewarding users for their loyalty.

How does airdrop work?

There are two types; The first is that users hold cryptocurrency at a certain point in time. They take a snapshot of the whole blockchain (ledger) to know who is holding it and give the relative amount of encrypted information they hold.
The second type of airdrop is used to replace ICO. In 2017, Google and Facebook banned cryptocurrency advertising, especially the first coin issue (ICO). A year later, only the United States and Japan lifted the ban. ICOS have been used to launch encryption projects through advertisements, but because these advertisements have been banned from appearing on these social networking sites, people need to pay to spread information.
This means you don’t have to hold any cryptocurrency to get some tokens. You just need to complete the steps required for airdrop. Follow them on twitter, for example.
Where can you find airdrops? About the rimelano airdrop. You can also use airdrop.io to view all past, current, and future blockchain projects.


Free for users
Increase publicity for the enterprises that receive them
The task is simple


Airdrop fraud has been reported, which is why it was initially banned.
Some blockchain projects offer very low prices, almost worthless.
It’s mainly about promotion

4. Ethereum business

Ethereum trading also means trading digital assets. When the market is best for you, you can buy ether and trade at a higher price. Trading eth is not much different from other cryptocurrencies. You need coins, wallets and trading platforms.

How does Ethereum deal work?

Create accounts and wallets on encrypted trading sites. Buying ether from any trusted seller platform usually protects buyers and sellers to ensure that no one is cheated in the transaction. After the purchase, you may want to keep the coin in your wallet for a period of time, so that the value of the coin will appreciate. If the set price is good, you can sell your ether to another user.


Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market value. That means there is a lot of potential to continue to grow.
Ethereum has clear regulations and policies.
Compared with mining, ether trading is simple and fast
You can trade without revealing personal information such as your name. It’s free from anywhere in the world.


The volatility that causes the price fluctuation of ether.
Fraud and account hacking happen from time to time.

5. Interest account (charge and loan)

Interest is the cost of borrowing, in this case Ethereum. If you are already trading, you can convert your portfolio into an interest account. Gambling and loans are a pretty fancy name. The crypto trading company that you have an account can borrow from you and repay a given amount at a higher interest rate.
How does Ethereum’s lending and betting work?
You have to be one of the users of the platform you lent money to. In addition, you need to have a large stake in your account. If you have both, you can ask to deposit some ether into the company’s account. The procedure includes agreeing to some of the terms of the site regulations. Choose a specific period of time to repay the interest earned and the original amount.


Easy access platform
Your money is safe
The interest account can be opened freely
If you bet a sum of money, your interest will be very high.
There is a contract that binds both ends of the promise


The company sets a minimum deposit that must be met before the process starts
During the lock up period, you can use your funds to exist
You may be trapped in an emergency and you need money

6. Cryptocurrency reward

Named after Wild West’s generosity, this method of earning free Ethereum encourages members of the crypto community to perform a variety of tasks. After the specified task is completed, you will get a token reward.
Anyone can join the award program and get Ethereum for free. Participants help organizations accomplish different marketing tasks. This is usually done before the end of token sales.

How does cryptocurrency reward work?

Usually, there is a token pool from different projects and a certain percentage of the bonus is allocated to each type of activity. There are two ways to separate it; One is the more old-fashioned approach, which is a statutory fee, with a reward amount listed for each task.
The second is the so-called bet, which is a better way and has been used more in recent months. You will get the allocated bets based on the quality and type of work done and your reward. Take a look at the steps below to earn a free Ethereum coin bounty.
You can browse bitcointalk for available bonuses.
Choose a project you like
Select and perform bounty tasks
Record your activities
Check the results on the spreadsheet
Join the announcement telegraph channel
Receive token
There are all kinds of tasks to do, and the score depends on what.


The bounty program also works like ICO, which means their upfront costs are low.
There is a wide audience for these activities. That’s how group interaction works.
For bonuses, word-of-mouth usually spreads the fastest, because they are mostly spread through social media.


It is suspected that most of the members of the reward program are robots.
The degree of abandonment is on the rise. This means that the bounty hunter will only throw everything away for his own benefit.
The coin reward is very low
As the content bonus is paid more, people will be distracted from the main goal and eventually create low-quality content.

7. Recommendation and related Commission

If you are good at persuading others, you can get free Ethereum by recommending encrypted websites to people. The recommended program uses links to contact new members. When friends or family sign up and trade on these sites, you get a certain percentage of the revenue.

How does the referral program work?

Basically, you invite people to use recommended links, and when they sign up on the website and start trading, a certain percentage of the money will go into your account. The requirements of encrypted trading platform are different.


You can invite as many people as you can. It means continuous income to you
Friends, family and people you know can help you with this process
This method is one of the most realistic


These requirements can be difficult to meet
A person can only use one referral link.
Check how to work in the rimetano referral scheme and also join all referrals earning 40% lifetime Commission.
The current situation and development trend of Ethereum
Ethereum and bitcoin are both use cases of blockchain technology – for different purposes. Bitcoin is a kind of digital currency, people can use it as a form of payment, send or hold each other, as a kind of value storage. Ethereum is a programmable blockchain on which people can build software to create valuable products and services, or just for fun.
Eth is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum blockchain. It works like bitcoin. Ethernet is designed as a way of payment to fuel the Ethereum network. This means that anyone who wants to set up an Ethereum network must use the computing power and space required for Ethernet payment.
The other two differences between Ethernet and bitcoin are that bitcoin has a fixed supply and a halving event, while Ethernet does not. Fixed supply and halving events protect cryptocurrency from inflation. The upper limit of ether supply may or may not be implemented in the future.

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