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Coinmonster Review 2021 – Legit or Scam?

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Most people will only use the cryptocurrency tap program to provide the coins they are collecting, usually the more popular coins. There’s nothing wrong with this, but in the end, these main programs become more difficult to use. Maybe they have to use more pop-up ads and links. Or they have to lower their pay.

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I think maybe we can find other procedures to provide unpopular tokens and get used to trading through the exchange before we get the tokens we actually collect. It’s like a project that wants fewer rewards, but the application process is easier.
With this in mind, one program I found is coinmonster.pw. A multi coin faucet program that provides less popular altcoins without any pop-up ads.
So who is coinmonster.pw? Coinmonster.pw legal or a scam? What cryptocurrencies can we earn from it?
These may be just a few questions that came to mind after hearing about coinmonster.pw. OK, in this article, I will share my coinmonster.pw comments with you based on my experience and what I can find on the Internet.

What is Coinmonster?

Unfortunately, we can’t find much information about the people behind the scenes. The owner did not open any posts on the forum. There are no social media accounts on the site.

This is actually a typical case in similar programs.

Even if we need to dig from multiple sources, we may expose their subtle identity.

Nevertheless, I can only say that at this point, they have been paid once, so at least, they may be a right person, even if they don’t

Ensure that they will continue to do so, which is also true for most online money making projects.

One thing I noticed is that the script of coinmonster PW is similar to topcoins.pw. Maybe they come from the same owner, but provide

Different currencies. We can try, but at this point, I didn’t extract anything from there.

To use this website, we can first register an account through this link. This will redirect to their home page for registration. We can select any coin, which will redirect to the faucet page of the coin

How does Coinmonster work?

Coinmonster.pw the claim process itself is not that easy. We need to go through two short links, each with a verification code system. This is even if there is no other choice of verification code.
When solving the verification code will become very difficult, there will be some peaks. Strangely, however, it is not uncommon for us to get immediate check marks without solving any problems. Fortunately, there are no pop-up windows. Maybe this is because they don’t get enough income and low return. However, there are still problems with these two light red short links. Even if only one of them has a problem. We can’t ask for anything. This problem occurred at the time of writing this article. I can still visit the main website. But these two short links are very difficult. If this happens, we can only wait.

Is Coinmonster legit or scam?

It seems that coinmonster.pw is legit and safe to use and not a scam website.
The review of coinmonster.pw is positive. The positive trust score is based on an automated analysis of 40 different data sources we checked online such as the technology used, the location of the company, other websites found on the same web server, etcetera.
Websites that score 80% or higher are in general safe to use with 100% being very safe. Still we strongly recommend to do your own vetting of each new website where you plan to shop or leave your contact details. There have been cases where criminals have bought highly reliable websites. You can use our article “How to recognize a scam website” to create your own opinion.

Coinmonster Features

  • Cryptocurrency Faucet
  • Weekly Lottery
  • Referral Commission:1-100%
  • Payment Method: Coin’s Wallet(XLM, USDT, NPXS, XTZ, BTT, ZRX)

How to earn from Coinmonster?

Cryptocurrency faucet is the main function on coinmonster.pw

Cryptocurrency faucet program anyone can make money, usually using cryptocurrency and doing almost nothing.

The least we need to do is click a button. Most of them will need more. We must like to click and view ads, visit some links, etc.

Considering how much money we can get, we can’t get much money

The job is simple, but usually they allow us to file a claim

Repeat this process many times and make money again and again. Eventually it can accumulate into something.

Usually, we need to wait for a period of time, such as 5 minutes to every hour, every day, or even every week, depending on the program. In the case of coinmonster PW, we can declare it every 15 minutes at this time. We can get several cryptocurrencies from it. Um. Maybe they can add more in the future

Now, we can get 0x (Zrx), stellar (XLM), tether (usdt), pundix (npxs), BitTorrent (BTT), tezos (xtz) for free. This is not a multi tap in a program. We can only apply for one of them, wait 15 minutes, and then apply for the same or other currencies.

How does coinmonster.pw work?


We can click a button on the available cryptocurrency. Alternatively, we can click the “get free coins” menu in the upper right corner, and we will see the same page as the previous picture.

On this page, we can click the claim button at the end of the cryptocurrency line we want to earn. In this example, I choose BitTorrent or BTT. The next picture is what we will see from this page.

As we can see, there will be a timer showing 00:00 and the claim button again directly below the timer. We can click the button

Go on, the second picture is what we will see on the next page.

This time, the page will be similar, but this time there is no timer. There will be another green button showing get rewards. We can click it to continue. The third picture below is what we will see.

This page with a white background is basically a short link. We will arrive on the mytech.press page. As we can see from the above picture, there will be another timer. Right below it is the verification code system from Google that we need to solve.


A black button will appear to resolve the captcha tag. We can click the next button to continue

The next picture will be similar to the white background, but if we notice, it comes from a different URL. This time the page is from coinhubpw. Therefore, this is basically a two-tier short link.

We need to do the same as before. We have to wait for the timer and decode the verification code again. After that, another black next button will appear, and we can click it to continue. As we can see from the second picture above, we will return to the coinmonster PW page, especially the faucet declaration page. This time the timer will restart from 15 minutes and the green button will show wait.

At this point, we can do nothing but wait for the timer before we can claim again. If we want to apply for another cryptocurrency later

We don’t need to click on one or get it on the home page.

Otherwise, we will apply for the same currency again and get another BitTorrent from my example above. This is actually related to how to apply for free funds. We can view our personal data by clicking the user name in the upper right corner of the page.

The last picture above is what we will see. We can see our current balance. Deposit balance if we have enough balance, the minimum amount we can withdraw and the transaction cost of each cryptocurrency. The “retract” button at the end will be displayed more clearly.

  • Yield and its comparison
  • As mentioned earlier, we can start from
  • Get a free coin menu. Lflunderstand is correct. Owner can
  • Change these numbers according to the current price of coins.

Therefore, when we read this article, what we will see from the page or my next description may be different. This is the possible reward at present.




PundiX (NPXS):041666667NPXS-416666.67 NPXS Tezos(XTZ):000002137XTZ-2137XTZ

By converting these numbers into the same currency, we will get the same actual amount in bitcoin or BTC. The award per claim ranges from 0.697 Satoshi to 697.097 Satoshi


This means that we can say that the income rate is 0.697 satoshipe for 15 minutes, or we can get about 27 Satoshi per hour. That’s the problem

Minimum, but it may be unreasonable to expect the highest possible return. The minimum is what we will get.

The question now is, what is a good yield? One way to find the answer is

Through simple comparison with other similar programs. In this case

Another cryptocurrency tap program. This is what I have tried so far.

Freebitco.in. Is usually the standard of my high-income faucet. We can give us 25 to 30 satoshiat as a basic reward for each claim every hour, which we get most of the time. This is 10 times higher than what we got from coinmonster PW in an hour

Cointiplycom, now the faucet can only give us 2 coins a day. For me, now about 20 coins a day, plus 100 COINS equals $0.01 a day, which means $0.0022 a day. Or Satoshi. If we apply for everything within 10 hours, we can get the same amount from cointmonster PW.

Free-litecoin.com and their team have faucets available every hour

This time, altcoins litoshiat around 1867, or bitcoin around 11 Satoshi as the basic prize. That’s almost four times what we got from coinmonster PW in an hour.

Based on the above comparison, I think we can say so.

Coin may be one of the lowest paid cryptocurrency faucets for each claim. Usually we can get more from a 15 minute tap. Not to mention, considering that they are

Coinmonster Withdrawal

When looking at withdrawal fee I found that 1.00000000 for ZRX, no transaction fee for Stellar, 5.00000000 for USDT, 1.00000000 for NPXS, 10.00000000 for BTT and 0.20000000 for XTZ.
First, we can go to the profile page to ebter the wallet address where we will receive the payment via any micro wallet.
Typical for any cryptocurrency program, each currency will have their wallwt address. Depending on the registration process, we probably have entered one of them. We can still change them via this profile page.
What we need to do is just to paste the wallet address tp the corresponding form. Make sure we use the right wallet for that specific currency. Otherwise we will lose the money.


Coinmonster Affiliate Program

Your referral commission percentage will depends on your referral member count, if you refer more so, you will get high commission between 5 to 200 percentage.

  • 5 percent for 1 referral
  • 10 percent for 11 referral
  • 20 percent for 51 referral
  • 50 percent for 101 referral
  • 100 percent for 501 referral
  • 200 percent for 1001 referral

Sharing the link is a must but how exactly? Sharing to the wrong people is like a salesman approaching stranger.
If we try to share on our social media, people mignt get annoyed if they are not interested.
If they are interested, they will become our referrals for any program we promote. Once we have enough referrals for CoinMonster.pw or every programs we promote, we can have passive income even full time income.
That is exactly how people can build their business online. They own a website, fill the website with contents that can help promote a program, and let it work automatically.


CoinMonster.pw is one of the cryptocurrency faucet program where we can earn seveal different cryptocurrencies, one at a time. We can claim once every 15 minutes and we need to wait before we can claim other coins.
The claiming process is relatively easy, just more complex than most programs. Essentially for each claim, we need to go through two shortlinks and on each shortlinks, we just need to solve one captcha from Google.
Even though they offer multiple different coins, currently there is no exchange feature. Not saying that they are going to add in the future but we can only hope that is the case. So, it is best if we just choose one of the coins and keep claiming that coin.

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