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Do you believe that passwords are the future of money? Of course, you know. That’s why you’re here. But let’s face it. Today’s world situation makes many people lose their jobs, accept pay cuts, or have to reduce working hours. This puts pressure on many crypto evangelists, which means that many people can’t afford any Cryptocurrency. But does that mean you’re frozen out of the cryptocurrency market? Absolutely not.

Of course, these methods can’t make you a millionaire. However, for those who have little free time on hand, many of them are perfect choices. They want to crawl in the water or increase their password. I also have a top tip to improve your chances of finding the next uniswap airdrop, as well as a super deal that you’ll probably want to make the most of. So, yes, there is one point in this article that suits everyone.

Bitcoin faucet

My first way to get free Cryptocurrency was to use a good old bitcoin faucet. But what are they? These platforms reward users with free cryptocurrency when they complete certain tasks. These tasks usually include inputting screenshots, watching videos, playing online games, doing surveys, and I think you will understand.
You can do some SAT tests with these taps, but I hope you have realistic expectations. Back today, it’s possible to find bitcoin’s tap and pay for a BTC or even more when you consider today’s bitcoin price incredible. However, these days, the best thing a truly dedicated person can expect is to make thousands of Sato every day. Now that may not sound like much, but I guess that’s exactly what people said years ago about faucets paying 1 BTC or more. But which bitcoin faucets should you check?
Cointipply is probably the best bitcoin faucet I’ve ever found. It was trusted by more than 1.7 million people and paid more than $1.2 million for free BTC.
To get these three SATs, you have to complete the acceptance letter, do the research and watch the video. So you can slowly build the Cryptocurrency stack for free. It’s that simple. But how to earn the most bitcoin from cointiply?

If you log in to your account once a day, your loyalty will increase to 100%. Therefore, you may want to maximize loyalty to get the maximum reward points for completing the task, and then convert those points into real Cryptocurrency rewards.
And a bunch of other code taps. So if this way of learning free passwords suits your street, it’s worth sneaking into the rabbit hole of bitcoin faucet for yourself.

It should be pointed out that most faucets usually have the maximum exit limit. So it’s best to check before you start. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than doing a lot of research and finding out that you can’t revoke your password.

But what if bitcoin taps aren’t for you, or you want to find other, perhaps more profitable, ways to build a Cryptocurrency stack.
At present, xfaucets has ten kinds of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Eth and Doge. If you are interested in other cryptocurrencies, you can also collect them synchronously, because it can be obtained every ten minutes. In addition, xfaucets has two levels of invitation rewards. The first level receives 25% of the rewards from the users who register and click on your invitation link, and the second level receives 10% of the rewards from the friends you invite and then invite them. This is different from other platforms and more profitable. If you are interested, you can click my invitation link to view it.

CoinPayz is a new faucet in 2021 and one of the better new ones we’ve come across that pays directly to FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, or Payeer. The multiple microwallet options, cryptos available and low minimum withdrawal thresholds allow you to earn free crypto quickly even with just normal faucet claims.

Faucet.Asia is a special faucet station that provides dogecoin. If you are only interested in dogecoin, you might as well try this website, You can get 0.001 Doge in 30 minutes. Of course, also has a recommendation reward. You can get 25% of the recommendation reward by inviting your friends to register through your invitation link. If you want to get a lot of free dogecoin from the faucet and add some fun, faucet. Asia is definitely worth a try.

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Airdrop and reward

My second way to get Cryptocurrency for free is to participate in airdrops and offer a reward. But what is airdrop? No, it’s not when you throw a load of paratroopers out of the plane.
In Cryptocurrency technology, land airdrop refers to a marketing gimmick, including sending coins or tokens to the wallet address to raise awareness of the new cryptocurrency, increase circulation supply and stimulate trading activities.
Now, although some only require you to have an Ethereum wallet address, most require you to use the product that the project is building. Then you have what’s called a bounty airdrop, basically a project token that rewards you for a simple social media task.
These can be joining a project telegraph group or re posting on twitter. Now, basically these types of airdrops create a win-win situation where you get free Cryptocurrency and the project gets marketed, and the community is built through the airdrop campaign.
The problem with airdrops is that some of them end up giving the participants a lot of money. One of them was last year’s uniswap, which offered up to 400 uni tokens to anyone trading on uniswap, which were deposited directly into their Ethereum wallet.
This actually includes 12000 addresses that commit only one failed transaction. No, this airdrop needs other tasks. It’s simple. If you’ve used uniswap before, you get 400 Uni. Now at the time of shooting this article, the price of uni is about $25, which means anyone who gets it can get a free password worth $10000. But uniswap is not the only high-value WiFi airdrop.
In late 2020 and earlier this year, 1inch conducted a second round of transactions to ensure that users who did not receive the token had a chance to receive the token.
The February airdrop also distributed 6 million one inch tokens to uniswap users. So yes, the guys who use uniswap do a good job in airdrop ads. before September 15, 2020, the first 1-inch airdrop users need to make at least one deal on DEX. Made at least four transactions on the platform and made at least $20 in total.
Basically, if you meet these conditions, you are a fool. Qualified addresses get at least 600 1 inch tokens, and the average total number of qualified addresses is more than 1600. Now, when I write this, the price of an inch is around $3, which means that those who qualify for the first airdrop end up with a minimum free value of $1800.
Those who continue to use one inch in early 2021 have another surprise, the second wave of airdrops.
But what do uniswap and 1 inch airdrop have in common? They are all used for the def project. There is a working DEX before airdrop, and there is no token. Therefore, you may need to pay attention to similar types of projects.
We’ve seen airdrops like tornado cash, and there’s a rumor that some other popular DEX that doesn’t have a token has also been airdropped. Of course, there is no guarantee that crazy airdrops will happen, but if history can be used for reference, it is not a terrible bet.
Now, back to bounty airdrop, where can you find it? Which projects share the Cryptocurrency community with free tokens?

I suggest you go to This site shows you that all the latest, hottest and upcoming airdrops are in one place. Even better, the site will show you step-by-step instructions on how to participate and the social media accounts you need to participate in.
It’s a very useful tool for those who want to do airdrop research. Now, I want to talk about a reward. In essence, some projects use bonuses as part of their marketing strategy and allocate a certain proportion of tokens to people like you and me to accomplish certain tasks.
These tasks can be to introduce friends on the telegraph, create a YouTube video of the project, quote tweets, join the project telegraph, and so on. So yes, bounty and airdrop are similar, which is why I like them in the same part of this article.
To be honest, it’s hard to find these rewards, but you can use sites like to find the latest ones.
Of course, bounty and airdrop can be a pretty lucrative way to earn free Cryptocurrency, but if you just put your toes into the market and want to get paid to learn more about Cryptocurrency.

Coinbase revenue

When I was three years old, I had a coin bank. Here, you can basically get paid by taking a quick education course for a specific cryptocurrency.
Now, you can’t get a crazy amount of free Cryptocurrency here, 3 Martini is worth about $5, 3 GRT is worth about $2, 10 XLM is worth about $4, you can earn about $9 compensation.
However, you can actually get about $20 of Cryptocurrency for free here, just to learn more about these altcoins and pay for privileges.
Maybe those coinbase earth courses make you want to read more educational content, and even inspire you to create your own Cryptocurrency blog. If it’s you, the good news is that there’s a way to do all this while still getting free Cryptocurrency in the process.


My fourth way to get a free password is to use publish0x. To be honest, it’s a very cool project and I personally like it.
It’s essentially a kind of media-like website, where ordinary people like you and me can post blog articles. Publish0x provides Cryptocurrency, and you don’t need any cryptocurrency to use the platform.
This password can be used to tip bloggers. Just choose how much you want to tip the author of a great blog post and how much you want to keep for yourself. So if you’re a wordsmith, you can make money by publishing content on publish0x and getting tips from users.
Now, the third way to get free Cryptocurrency is to share first-rate articles. Basically, if one person shares the tips of that article, you’ll get 5% of every tip your readers bring.
It works much like a recommender. Most people don’t get a lot of free passwords here. However, here are some great articles that you can get value from.
In addition, content authors and recommenders can sometimes get amazing amounts of Cryptocurrency. Therefore, as a password educator, if I miss this item from the list, it must be my dereliction of duty. But if you’re not a wordsmith, you think it’s too hard to write those Cryptocurrency articles.
After all, work without play is the secret of unhappiness. Maybe you want to put more energy into the game, playing while free Cryptocurrency. Well, that’s quite possible.

Blockchain game

The next way to get free Cryptocurrency is actually by playing blockchain games. Now, a game that I may have enjoyed a little too many moments is a grand game created by Town stars.
The company was actually founded by Zynga’s co-founder, who is behind Farmville. Yes, town star is basically an Cryptocurrency version of Farmville.
What’s super interesting is that in town star, you are basically competing in the blockchain ecosystem, building one of the 200 most successful settlements every week.
Enter the top 200 and you will win the celebration token. Seriously, now people just play this game and earn hundreds of dollars a week in holiday tokens.
But what other games are there to win? You have lost the relic I mentioned earlier in a post built by a man’s army. The game has a blockchain market, supported by (enj). The core of the game is action adventure RPG, you can kill monsters in different worlds.
But what is the goal of the game? It comes down to two main goals. To survive, to gain epic spoils. Now, what’s interesting is that epic trophies come in the form of NFT or irreplaceable tokens that actually have monetary value and can be traded in the engine market.
Some of these items are actually one of them, giving you special abilities in the game. Yes, there will be quite a bit of honing to get really rare NFT is worth the money. However, some of these super rare NFTs may be worth thousands of dollars. So if you get an epic NFT drop in the game and then you can jump to enkin market to sell it, you’ve effectively got free Cryptocurrency just to play a game.
If you want to learn more about the engine ecosystem, I’ve actually created a special post about this project, so if you’re interested in blockchain games, you can read the following article.

Media website

So basically, there are two types of games where you can earn free cryptocurrency. The first is to get a coin or token as a direct reward in the game. The second is to earn super rare NFT in the game and sell them in Cryptocurrency way in NFT markets such as engine wearable and open sea.
But if you play all the games, do you really want to share and bounce ideas with other Cryptocurrency fans? Well, there’s a way to do that and earn free Cryptocurrency in the process.


Now I believe most of you know something about Reddit and the legendary cryptocurrency subreddit. What many people don’t know is that last year, reddit implemented the community credit system.
This is a mechanism that enables users of the subreddit to receive a reward from an ownership unit in the subreddit for their contributions.
These points in the cryptocurrency subreddit are called moons and erc20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These can be won through insightful reviews, tips, and spent on unique projects in the community.
In short, the more karma you earn in the cryptocurrency subsystem, the more moon you will get in the next month. So yes, you can really get cryptocurrency for free by becoming an active member of the community.
But if you already have some Cryptocurrency and want to use it to earn more free Cryptocurrency. There is a way. Please allow me to enlighten you.


The last way to get free Cryptocurrency is to use some products and services on binance. Binance is widely known as the king of cryptographic exchange. However, these people provide more than Cryptocurrency transactions.
Now, I don’t know about you, but most of the password holders I know just put the password in a hardware wallet and sit there waiting to send the price to the moon. Of course, this is a strategy. However, you can use Cryptocurrency by providing binary code and learning sweet interests.
The fixed savings rate of busd was about 6% at the time of shooting this article. The interest rate of usdt was more than 5.5%, which is better than any interest rate. I found it in a bank, which may be a good way for you to put some stable coin powder into work.
You can also bet a bet like BNB to get a nearly double-digit apy. But if you’re a stupid Billy like me, hiding almost all your net assets in the password. Well, it’s very likely that you have to pay rent and the like every day, and these expenses need to be paid by dirty Fiat.
One way is to buy yourself a binary card so you can Cryptocurrencyt it for free. Crypto visa offers up to 8% cash back for your shopping and can be used anywhere you accept visa. So yes, it’s another way to use it. Binary to get some free Cryptocurrency values.
You can get a similar visa card on and get up to 8% cash back, rewards, spotify & amp; Netflix reimbursement, airport lounge visit, airbnb discount. You can view my recent post on metal visa through the link below.
Up to 8% cash return per credit card and instant registration bonus cro metal visa offers up to 8% cash back

Last thought

Well, that’s it. I’m going deep into my top-level method to earn free Cryptocurrency. However, I would like to share with you some concluding remarks. Now, while it’s true that using these methods, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of Cryptocurrency without any direct financial cost, İ It’s not completely free.
Think about bitcoin faucets and all these surveys, the time you invest and the services you provide, when it comes to generating all the survey data, who benefits
Uniswap and 1 inch airdrop basically tested these indicators. Coinbase essentially gets new users through coinbase earth, which is certainly good for their books. Publish0x is getting free content and users with free passwords.
I think you understand that all this boils down to the fact that in order to get free Cryptocurrency, you basically get it during transaction time, in the case of binance’s initial consumption or loan. So remember that before jumping on any highway to pile up coins and tokens.
Still, I hope you can see that there are some really fantastic ways for those who have a little time to get quite a lot of free Cryptocurrency. If you, like me, believe that cryptocurrency will be more valuable in the future, then all the methods I’ve introduced are worth considering.

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