Author: Ivy

Do you believe that passwords are the future of money? Of course, you know. That’s why you’re here. But let’s face it. Today’s world situation makes many people lose their jobs, accept pay cuts, or have to reduce working hours. This puts pressure on many crypto evangelists, which means that many people can’t afford any […]
Millions of cryptocurrency investors have been cheated out of a lot of real money. In 2018, cryptocurrency related crimes caused losses of $1.7 billion. Criminals use traditional and new technologies to exchange digital currency through an online database called blockchain to defraud their trademarks. Through the study of blockchain, cryptocurrency and cyber crime, I can […]
Many people associate Ethereum with bitcoin, and some people can use Ethereum, bitcoin and blockchain interchangeably. Vitalik butyrin, a Russian Canadian programmer and cryptocurrency researcher, came up with the idea of Ethereum in 2013 and eventually put it into use in 2015. The most simple and clear explanation of Ethereum can be divided into two […]
Let’s face it – everyone wants to make some cryptocurrency. We don’t want to miss another peak in crypto coin prices. But the cryptocurrency market is uncertain, and most of us don’t want to risk losing our hard-earned money. Here are some of the best ways to get some encrypted coins on your hand at […]
With the rise of bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrency market has been verified. That’s why new cryptocurrencies and coins are trying to break into the market and get a piece of it. Ethereum is bitcoin’s most powerful competitor. It currently has the second largest market value – recently tied with bitcoin for number one and then fell […]
We can make money by trading and investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies, but we can’t guarantee a stable source of income. Since encryption technology is still considered uncertain, few people can understand that some early investors can make thousands or even millions of dollars from a small investment. A lot of investors have missed […]
Dogecoin is an altcoin cryptocurrency based on the popular Doge meme. It was founded in 2013 and is one of the more colorful currencies in the cryptocurrency spectrum. Origin of dog keratin and its relationship with Reddit, twitch, and TikTok Dogecoin was founded by Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer in 2013. It was originally a […]
If you want to take the first step into the cryptocurrency world and get some free virtual currencies, this guide is for you. Xfaucets introduced in this guide is a faucet website that can claim 10 different virtual currencies, which can fully meet your needs. We will also answer the most common question: is it […] 0.0024 /1h 0.005/10 mins 0.00006387/2 mins; 0.00015969/5min; 0.00031939/10min 0.04/5min 10-320 bits/10 mins 125000 dogetoshi/5min 0.00006354/2min; 0.00015886/5min; 0.00031773/10min Dogecoin 143329 satoshi/2min; 20 claims/day Each time 0.1 Doge to 0.0001 Doge, unlimited times 0.00006366/2min; 0.00015915/5min; 0.00031831/10min Claim once an hour, the amount is random Dogecoin […]
For those new to cryptography wallets are like bank accounts. There are a lot of encrypted wallets out there. Some allow you to store passwords on hardware, some software, and many online exchanges. Hardware and software are generally considered more secure because they only allow your own “private key” to access your cryptocurrency. However, there […]