5 Ways to Earn a Passive Income with Cryptocurrency

We can make money by trading and investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies, but we can’t guarantee a stable source of income. Since encryption technology is still considered uncertain, few people can understand that some early investors can make thousands or even millions of dollars from a small investment. A lot of investors have missed this opportunity, or invested little in it, but it’s not too late. Here are some strategies, even novices can use cryptocurrency to earn passive income.


Mining is the original way for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to obtain passive income.
Similar to the way miners used pickaxes and shovels to search for gold in the 19th century, but now it’s bitcoin. Miners need to use the power of computers to find blocks in the blockchain to make money. On the other hand, the larger and longer the blockchain, the more energy it needs. According to the Cambridge bitcoin electricity consumption index, in the course of its epic growth, the energy used to make bitcoin has climbed to the equivalent of Argentina’s annual carbon footprint. Finding the tools and power to tap bitcoin can be costly, and this reward may not be the most cost-effective way to earn passive income.

Hashflare ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️

5-ways-to-earn-a-passive-income-with-cryptocurrency The main advantage of Hashflare is that it can choose a large number of cryptocurrencies for mining, and has a very high reputation.


However, the current popularity is not compatible with the service of Hashflare, because it is quite difficult to find a free contract to invest in Hashflare.


In addition, due to a large number of unconfirmed transactions in the history of the platform, the cryptocurrency fund has suspended withdrawals.

Go to Hashflare here.

Hashing24 ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐

5-ways-to-earn-a-passive-income-with-cryptocurrency 5-ways-to-earn-a-passive-income-with-cryptocurrency
The hashing24 team started working on cryptocurrency mining as early as 2012, but the service itself emerged only four years later. Hashing24 has no cryptocurrency mining hardware. Instead, the platform resells the capacity of bitfury, a well-known supplier.


In order to maintain the mining contract, users pay a fixed commission of US $0.00033 per 1g hash per second per day.

Go to hashing24 here.

MVU Cloud Mining ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️

MVU cloud mining is a company with 3 years of mining experience. MVU cloud mining’s website describes their mines and three different hashrate contracts. The company makes money by renting hashrate, but the 14 day package they recently launched seems to make a profit of about $50. According to the built-in computer on the MVU cloud mining website, users can quickly calculate the revenue in the next few days. Of course, the specific income depends on the current coin price.


At present, MVU cloud mining provides bitcoin, ETH, filecoin and other three currencies. Moreover, MVU cloud mining has launched a three-day hashrate package for new users, which enables new users to get benefits in three days. In addition, there is no time and amount limit for MVU cloud mining to withdraw cash. Users can choose to withdraw cash at any time. Of course, users have to complete the authentication of wallet address first. And users can make money on MVU cloud mining without investment.


The company has subsidiary plans. Customers of the provider can invite their friends to participate in bitcoin mining and deposit 5% of the purchase amount into their accounts in the form of power. In general, according to the user evaluation of MVU cloud mining, it is also a cloud mining platform that can be tried.

Go to MVU Cloud Mining here.


The concept of airdrop refers to the widespread issuance of cryptocurrency, which provides an unexpected income based on the amount of money currently held. When there is a fork in the blockchain, investors will get corresponding holdings on the new fork (just as they benefit from mistakes, which is not a stable source of passive income). Buy back means that the purchase of cryptocurrency will be destroyed or “burned”. Inflation control is taking shape. These three options can increase revenue in a short time, however, they are all about luck and small certainty.


At its simplest, a cryptocurrency faucet is a website that offers a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward for doing small tasks. They are called faucets because the reward is quite small, like dripping water from a faucet, but in this case, cryptocurrency is slowly dripping into your cryptocurrency wallet.
The task is usually to complete the captcha, but it may also involve clicking on a link or viewing an advertisement. In the case of bitcoin faucet, the payment is granted in the form of Satoshi or bitcoin 100 million = 0.000000001 BTC.
There’s no doubt you’ll hear the story of an early bitcoin user who got a lot of free coins through something called the cryptocurrency faucet.
In the past, they were widely used as a means of performing relatively simple but manual tasks to claim cryptocurrency handouts. As users trace the most popular faucets, these faucets generate the most encrypted passwords, so they are popular. Some users have even developed algorithms to try to take advantage of leaky faucets.
When I teach you the basics of cryptocurrency faucets and how to use them, I’ll look at the answers to these questions and more.
At its simplest, cryptocurrency faucet is a website that offers a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward for doing small tasks. They are called faucets because the reward is quite small, like dripping water from a faucet, but in this case, cryptocurrency is slowly dripping into your cryptocurrency wallet.
The task is usually to complete the captcha, but it may also involve clicking on a link or viewing an advertisement. In the case of bitcoin faucet, the payment is granted in the form of Satoshi or bitcoin 100 million = 0.000000001 BTC.
Example of encrypted faucet


At present, xfaucets has ten kinds of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Eth and Doge. If you are interested in other cryptocurrencies, you can also collect them synchronously, because it can be obtained every ten minutes. In addition, xfaucets has two levels of invitation rewards. The first level receives 25% of the rewards from the users who register and click on your invitation link, and the second level receives 10% of the rewards from the friends you invite and then invite them. This is different from other platforms and more profitable. If you are interested, you can click my invitation link to view it.


Faucet.asia is a special faucet station that provides dog money. If you are only interested in dog money, you might as well try this website, faucet.asia. You can get 0.001 Doge in 30 minutes. Of course, faucet.asia also has a recommendation reward. You can get 25% of the recommendation reward by inviting your friends to register through your invitation link. If you want to get a lot of free dog money from the faucet and add some fun, faucet. Asia is definitely worth a try.



konstantinova.net is a cryptocurrency faucet which rewards the users for playing games. The payout are made via Cryptocurrency Wallet and the withdrawals are said to be processed within a day.
Claim: claim your favorite Coin every 5 minutes
Min. Payout: depends
Ref. Commission: 50%
Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, DASH, DGB, Doge, ETH, LTC



CoinPayz is a new faucet in 2021 and one of the better new ones we’ve come across that pays directly to FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, or Payeer. The multiple microwallet options, cryptos available and low minimum withdrawal thresholds allow you to earn free crypto quickly even with just normal faucet claims.



In Crtpto-faucet, you have 20 claims left today, and you can claim 141416 satoshi (0.00045 USD) every 2 minutes.

Crypto Mining Game


In Crypto Mining Game, you can play as a Cryptocurrency Miner in an Original Crypto-Universe!! Mine for game your favorite Crypto-currencies (will never use CPU), do mission to earn Hpower and Ingame Stuff, Collect Original Cards and play with it to Crypto-related Mini-games!



You can claim Dogecoins every 5 minutes on cryptorotator.

Running a Lightning Network Node

Running a lightning network node is another exciting way that you can earn passive income with encryption by running a lightning network node.
Lightning network (LN) is the second layer technology, which can expand the number of transactions while keeping the cost low. As an off chain payment network, this means that transactions can be processed independently without having to be processed by the blockchain. Only start and end balances are recorded on the chain.
Over the past few years, cryptocurrency adoption has been on the rise. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can handle the millions of transactions completed every day. The simple answer is yes, through second tier solutions such as lightning networks.
In addition, LN users can get encrypted passive revenue by running a lightning network node. Through lightning network node, users can create lightning payment channels, and other users can use these channels to process payment through lightning network. In this way, users can get the transaction fees paid through their own channels.
Running lightning network node can be difficult for non-technical bitcoin holders. In addition, people should not expect to become rich by running lightning network nodes, because the return depends on its adoption.


Another relatively new way to generate passive revenue using encryption technology is through defilending.
Defi is a financial application ecosystem based on blockchain technology, which operates without central management or third-party intervention. Unlike centralized peer-to-peer lending platforms (such as btcpop), defilending is implemented on autonomous protocols supported by smart contracts.
Today, the total lock-in value (TVL) of the defi protocol is as high as $45.01 billion, according to defipulse.
Because of the fact that defi is unauthorized, transparent, and open source, it has become very popular. Defi lending refers to the zero intermediary encrypted loan provided by compound or AAVE, which allows users to list the encrypted coins used for lending purposes on the platform. In this way, borrowers can get loans directly through decentralized platforms, and lenders can earn interest from their coins.
For example, on compound, because of comp governance token, token holders have the right to vote on the decisions of technology upgrade, protocol upgrade and integration of new assets on the platform. However, encryption investors may be more interested in the fact that depositing money in the loan pool usually means a higher apy than traditional bank accounts or money market funds.
Although defilending has become very popular due to its higher than average apy, it is far from risk-free. In the upsurge of WiFi in 2020, protocol hacking attacks on the immature WiFi loan platform will occur almost every week.
Cryptocurrency is complex, so you need to point out that it can be very easy. As we all know, institutional investors, especially those from CME, are increasingly accepting encryption technology. As far as passive income is concerned, institutional customers may be interested in this kind of income under certain conditions. For example, the return on investment should be at a level or higher than that of investment vehicles in classical markets. At the same time, the risk level shall not exceed the legal market risk. Otherwise, the investment will be seen as risky and may only be interested in highly speculative hedge funds specializing in this area.

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