12 Ways to Make Money Online For Free & Quick in 2021

Making money online for free or without paying sounds like a myth and a hoax. However, if you still believe that this is possible, guess what? You’re in the right place! Yes, you can make money online for free, without paying any fees, and with zero investment. That sounds great, doesn’t it? On these websites, you don’t have to spend a cent to start making money online.
I can assure you that after reviewing these ways of making money, you will have a firm idea and plan on how to make money online the next day. So, don’t waste time, let’s get started!

Cryptocurrency Faucet Platform

Faucet website is also a free way to make money online. Let me introduce the most expensive encryption and bitcoin faucet in 2020. It’s easy and fun to claim here. The latest promotions, information and news. Free bitcoin is a free legal bitcoin faucet, which is one of the most reliable and highest paid faucets. It allows you to earn the highest paid BTC faucet bitcoin for free, and has the option of instant payment. 4 direct faucets latest faucet list highest paid faucets listed faucets. Average claim amount: 4000 BTC boost com satoshis per hour.
The average bitcoin alien claim is 4000 satoshis per hour, one of the highest paid encryption faucets. Earth bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, dash, and more bitcoin faucet is a reward system, which gives free bitcoin in the form of website or online application in the form of Satoshi, which is one millionth of BTC. In view of the prevalence of bitcoin faucets, we have reason to doubt the position of the owners of bitcoin faucets.
There are also other faucets that distribute alternative cryptocurrency.. their highest reward BTC faucet is the so-called “free spin” option, which allows you to spin bitcoin 5 times a day for free. The added value of bitcoin also means lower reward task completion. In addition to paying high fees, bitcoin extraterrestrials also provide users with an interesting experience. The top three best bitcoin faucets in 2021. 1. Free bitcoin. Now play and win on the best cryptocurrency gambling platform in the world. How owners make money from BTC faucets. Get the best and top reviews.
Win cryptocurrency! People like you. The highest paid bitcoin faucet | the best free bitcoin faucet. By extension, bitcoin faucets, which pursue the highest reward, have become very common. Now there are thousands of such platforms. Take a look at this faucet guide to find out what is the highest paid bitcoin (or highest paid BTC faucet, Ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin) faucet now!


At present, xfaucets has ten kinds of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Eth and Doge. If you are interested in other cryptocurrencies, you can also collect them synchronously, because it can be obtained every ten minutes. In addition, xfaucets has two levels of invitation rewards. The first level receives 25% of the rewards from the users who register and click on your invitation link, and the second level receives 10% of the rewards from the friends you invite and then invite them. This is different from other platforms and more profitable. If you are interested, you can click my invitation link to view it.

Fire Faucet

Fire faucet is another place to get some free dog money. Fire faucet also offers other cryptocurrency rewards. One of the notable things about this kind of faucet is that there is no time interval between each rotation. This means you can rotate any number of times without waiting for a second. Of course, this greatly increases your income potential
When they recommend people to use the faucet, the faucet also pays the user a 20% commission. As long as the referrals continue to make money, they are entitled to commission for life. There are several bonuses and many other ways to win more dog money. These include daily rankings, rewards, daily achievements and grades. When the minimum amount is reached, the payment will be sent directly to your personal wallet as needed. A total of 9 cryptocurrencies are supported, so you can earn any cryptocurrency you want in addition to dogecoin.


Faucet.asia is a special faucet station that provides dog money. If you are only interested in dog money, you might as well try this website, faucet.asia. You can get 0.001 Doge in 30 minutes. Of course, faucet.asia also has a recommendation reward. You can get 25% of the recommendation reward by inviting your friends to register through your invitation link. If you want to get a lot of free dog money from the faucet and add some fun, faucet. Asia is definitely worth a try.


Allcoins.pw is one of the most valuable faucets. The list of cryptocurrencies is long, including dogcoin, bitcoin, Ethereum and Leyte. You can get Doge every 6 minutes with a single click of a button. Between rotations, you can earn more gold by playing games, setting up walls or using automatic faucets
The faucet can also provide 50% commission for your recommended income. You can share your recommended links with friends and invite them to receive rewards. In addition, if you want to make more money, you can use the tap to mine dogcoin, which will mine dogcoin on the autopilot when you perform other operations. If you want to get a lot of free dog money from the tap and add some fun, it’s definitely worth a try.
Make money online for free by printing on demand
That sounds great. It can’t be true, but you can make money online by selling real products with zero investment. All you need is a design printed on the product that you can sell for a high profit. This process is called print on demand.
How does on demand printing work? It is an online platform that provides customized products so that sellers can put their different designs and sell them to their customers.
There are multiple print on demand markets where you can register for free and start selling products with your designs printed on them.

Working principle:

  • Sign up for any print on demand market
  • Create design
  • Select products to sell
  • Print your design on the product
  • Price

You can check the base price and set your selling price. The profit will be the remaining amount after deducting the base price.

Print-on-demand pricing

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know graphic design; You can easily get beautiful designs from Kanwa, which is a free online design website.
You can put your design on a variety of products, such as clothing (T-shirt, vest, skirt, etc.), mugs, accessories, stationery (notebook and diary), cushion cover, pillow, etc.
The print on demand market is one of the easiest ways to make money online for free.
Here are some of the best print on demand markets and their pilot reviews.


Redbubble is one of the most famous on-demand printing markets with more than 300000 members and more than 2 million monthly visitors.
You can sign up for free in this market, choose your designs from a large number of products and sell them.
After registration, upload the design, add title, tag, and description. You can see a preview of the different items. However, you need to meet different image size requirements to make the product marketable.

How do you make money?

It’s very simple. Select the product you want to sell, with your printed matter on it, check the basic price of the product, set your retail price (with your profit), and list the products in the market.

Redbubble pricing

Revenue depends on how much profit you decide to make on each product. To know how much you should charge, check out the prices of other products on redbubble.
You must have a PayPal account to withdraw your payment if direct bank transfer is not allowed in your country.


The spreadshirt process and product catalog are similar to redbubble, but different from redbubble, it provides you with two options to make money.
Sell in the market.
Create your store on the spreadsheet.
Both ways can make money online for free.
More than 80000 visitors come to the market every day. The best part is that you can sell these products on Amazon and eBay.
The payment process is similar to other print on demand services. After deducting the base price of the product, you can earn the remaining amount.
To receive payment, you must have a PayPal account or SEPA transfer if you are selling from Europe.


Zazzle print on demand service
This on-demand printing market is known for its licensing and reputation.
Its collaboration with well-known brands such as Disney and DC Comics has made it easier for its members to sell products without worrying about copyright issues.
Zazzle offers three ways to make money from its platform:
Upload product design and sales.
Sell your own products.
Earn a commission by selling other people’s products.
However, a free and convenient way to make money is to register as a designer.
To start making money from Zazzle, you just need to register as a designer, upload your design to the product, and start selling it in the market.
Product catalog is more or less similar to other pod services. The basic price of the product was not disclosed; However, once you start listing products, you know the cost.
After purchase, you can receive payment in your U.S. bank account (if you are selling from the U.S.) or through PayPal.

Cafe Press

Cafe press is another on-demand printing market with a wide range of products to print and sell your designs.
It allows you to open your store and start selling to its community. You just need to register for Cafe press, start uploading the design of your preferred product, and start selling it in the cafe press community.
Once you create a store, you can access the dashboard to upload product designs.
There’s a cost to selling in a cafe, but once you start making money, you have to pay. You must pay Cafe press 10% of your total monthly profit (up to $10) as a monthly subscription fee.
You can receive your payment by check or PayPal.


Sunfrog is similar to other on-demand printing markets. However, it also allows you to sell things on your website with sunfogapi.
You can also earn up to 35% League commission by selling other people’s products.
To start selling on this platform, you need to register as a seller and start uploading designs. Once you register as a seller/artist, you can see the bottom price of all products, so you can set the retail price to make a profit.
After selling the products, you can receive payment by PayPal, payer, telegraphic transfer and direct deposit.



Do you think you have any skills to teach? Then you should join skillshare and make money by offering courses.
The vast majority of viewers learn different skills on this platform, including cooking, photography, sketching, graffiti, online business, entrepreneurship and marketing.
For course creators, they can register and create advanced courses for free. Teachers are paid monthly, which is determined according to the minutes of the meeting.


Udemy is one of the most popular course sales platforms. It has more than 24 million students looking for a teacher to learn any skill.
To learn from udemy, you need to register as a senior lecturer. The course must include at least five 30 minute video lectures.
The teacher set the price of the course for you. Udemy charges 3% of the course fee for each sale and 50% if the course is sold through organic search.
Use your writing and other skills to make money online for free
The world is moving towards outsourcing, which provides many opportunities for people with creative talents, such as writing, design, network development and so on.
I know it’s a bit of an old-fashioned choice, but it’s still a great way to make a living from your writing.
Every day, hundreds of people are looking for high-quality writers to finish their work in a short time. You just need to work on a freelancer platform.
Here, I want to mention some popular platforms where you can easily find a job with your skills.


Upwork is one of the top freelancer platforms. Hundreds of job seekers come here every day to find jobs according to their abilities. It works like eBay, where you need to bid for what you want to do.
To taste the taste of success in entrepreneurship, you need to have enough patience and perseverance, because you will compete with many professionals. To get a job, you have to build up your reputation as an expert and make a lot of demands for a job.
If you have any talent, including web development, content writing, graphic design, data analysis and so on, it won’t be difficult to find the perfect job.
Hundreds of people outsource their jobs every day, and if you think you’re right for the job, you offer.
You need to tell your favorite hourly rate, cover letter, questions about job description, and attachments of previous jobs in your application form.


Contena is a top freelance website known for its high paying jobs. Editors, content creators, and a variety of writers can easily find freelance jobs, as well as full-time telework.
Once you sign up for yourself, you receive daily emails about being open to writers from different departments. However, you must have a PayPal account to complete the registration.
Textbroker is another great platform for professional writers to find potential customers. You can register on this platform without paying any fees, and you can visit thousands of customers.
Number of people per hour
People per hour is a platform for freelancers, similar to Fiverr and upwork. Register, create your profile and provide your writing work.


Freelance writing is another excellent free platform, which provides a lot of opportunities to make money. Most people may think of the name as a teenager, but this site is one of the best to organize freelancer work. From Monday to Friday, it publishes a new writing assignment every day.

Iwriter company

Iwriter is an ideal free writing platform for beginners. You need to do a 250-word test to complete your registration.
Making money online by becoming a scribe
If you are good at listening to and understanding every word carefully, you can quickly become a scribe.
Here’s a short definition of a transcriber – the ability to listen to audio, voice, or any recording and type it in the desired language.
So, if you are bilingual, it will be a bonus in your resume.


Slicethpie is a platform for paid reviews. Just sign up, start listening to different bands/artists, give real reviews, and start receiving money.
The cost depends on the quality of the review. More detailed and authentic scrutiny means more money.
Once the income reaches $10, you can withdraw the money.

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