10 Crypto Coins Prices and Data

Since 2009, Cryptocurrency has suddenly become a new investment model, from nothing to tens of millions, which makes many investors look red! Today, let’s take a look at the top ten Cryptocurrency in the world. What other than bitcoin do you not know about Cryptocurrency?

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1. Bitcoin


Bitcoin (BTC) is the first in the list of virtual currencies. Bitcoin is currently at $39819.75, and the highest price ever reached is $64851.00. The most different from other virtual currencies, the bitcoin officially born on January 3, 2009 is that its total quantity is very limited and has strong scarcity. The number of bitcoin is about 21 million.



Eth is a digital token of Ethereum and is considered as bitcoin version 2.0. The system of ether coin is the most widely used public blockchain system supporting complete application development. Compared with bitcoin, Ethereum belongs to the category of blockchain 2.0, which is a new blockchain system designed to solve some problems of bitcoin network. The current price of eth is $2709.99, and the highest price ever reached by eth is $4372.72.



XRP is the basic virtual currency of ripple network, which can be circulated in the whole ripple network, with a total number of 100billion, and gradually decreases with the increase of transactions. The operation company of XRP is ripple labs. XRP has been paid attention by virtual currency investors for a long time. Compared with bitcoin with no real purpose, XRP has the main bridge currency and security function in ripple system. The current price of XRP is $117340, and the highest price in XRP history is $196689.



Usdt is a token currency based on stable value currency USD launched by tether company. It can link the cryptocurrency with the legal currency USD. Usdt is a virtual currency which is kept in the foreign exchange reserve account and supported by legal currency. This method can effectively prevent the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency, basically a usdt value is equal to $1. The current price of usdt is $39910.89, and the highest price ever reached by usdt is $65289.98.



BCH is related to BTC. On August 1, 2017, bitcoin split, and in an event of “hard fork”, this new digital currency called BCH was born. Due to version switching, bitcoin blockchain is forked into two independent blockchains. Everyone who owns bitcoin before the fork is entitled to the same amount of “bitcoin cash” tokens, similar to a dividend in a stock. BCH focuses on the user experience and market demand of cryptocurrency. BCH’s current price is $1110.59, and BCH’s highest price in history is $1528.42.



The top 10 BSV in the world’s virtual currency list was sponsored by coingeek mining, an encryption currency created by bitcoincash hard bifurcations. BSV can be regarded as a full node implementation of bitcoin cash (BCH), and allows enterprises to build applications and websites on a solid and reliable basis. BSV focuses on the user experience and market demand of cryptocurrency. BSV is currently at $82.28, and the highest price BSV has ever reached is $83.14.



LTC is an improved version of digital currency inspired by bitcoin. It was designed and implemented by a programmer who worked in Google. It was released on November 9, 2011. Lightcoin and bitcoin have the same implementation principle in technology, but the creation and transfer of lightcoin is based on an open source encryption protocol, which is not managed by any central organization. The current price of LTC is $206.89, and the highest price in LTC history is $413.49.



As the top ten of the world virtual currencies, BNB has 200 million issues and 100million of them. It is a decentralized block chain digital asset issued by Ethereum Ethereum, and is a standard erc20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. BNB’s current price is $361.79, and BNB’s highest price in history is $691.77.



EOS is owned by an organization called block.one, and its issue may be the most crowdfunding digital currency in history. EOS is considered as Ethereum for large enterprises. According to developers, the difference between EOS and Ethereum is that EOS solves the performance deficiency and usability problems encountered by developers when using Ethereum. EOS is currently at $6.2871, and the highest price in EOS history is $14.8788.

10、XTZ Tezos


In 2020, xtz tezos climbed to become the world’s tenth largest cryptocurrency for the first time. Xtz is an upgradeable open source platform from which smart contracts and decentralized applications can be created. Xtz has a significant feature that it can evolve and update due to self-correction without inserting two different blockchains, thus avoiding the problems caused by these differences, such as community division after the project. Xtz is currently at $3.965402, and the highest price xtz has ever reached is $10.5579.

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